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    Hair loss is an emotional and personal experience that can impact many facets of a person’s life—their feelings about aging, beauty, self-image. For those dealing with hair loss, treatments can also be a sensitive subject. Many are disappointed with other treatments they’ve tried and approach hair loss treatments with skepticism.

    Many clients are embarrassed and do not discuss their hair loss outside their closest circle of friends. Others are so surprised and happy at the change, they’re vocal about regrowing their hair.

    With over half of all Americans, men and women, experiencing some level of hair loss by age 40, there is no cause for embarrassment or stigma. We celebrate beauty in every form, while offering effective and customized treatment for those who choose to pursue it and who are good candidates for regrowth.

    In our first anonymous survey this spring, we heard many common themes that may help you understand hair loss and treatment through others’ experiences.

    Impact of hair loss

    Hair loss occurs over time, so like many things in life, its true impact is only felt after you’ve seen change.

    The change Harklinikken clients perceive in themselves goes far beyond their hair.

    Nearly 50% named increased confidence as the top benefit of seeking treatment. The second most common impact? Almost 40% of clients told us that they don’t have to hide their hair loss anymore.

    They told us:

    “My hair is fuller, healthier, in that sense I do feel younger.”

    “I don’t worry that people can see my scalp or that the thinning would get worse.”

    Treatment experience

    Real change comes from daily habits. Hair loss treatment is no different—your results depend on compliance to daily application.

    In assessing candidates for hair regrowth treatment, we look at both hair loss and scalp condition, and commitment to the treatment regimen before determining whether they are a good candidate for hair regrowth.

    For most current clients, they have found that although daily application is an adjustment at first the results they see are worth the change. When asked about the application process this is how some of our clients responded:

    “It has not been a big hindrance. Being consistent works.”

    “It’s a small price to pay for hair!”

    “It was something to get used to at first, but after a while you get into a routine and it becomes second nature.”

    “It’s a simple process but you have to take time each night to apply it, even when you don’t feel like it.”

    “It has been easier than anticipated and I’ve been able to continue application even when traveling.”

    “I thought it was going to be annoying but the results you get with being faithful to the product is worth the outcome. I’m grateful!”

    Why Harklinikken

    In the end, results matter. Clients tell us:

    “It works where no other product has worked for me to help with my hair loss. ”

    “You see results, it truly works.”

    “Product, people. One of my best business experiences.”

    “The entire staff is just amazing.”

    “They genuinely care about trying to repair my hair loss”

    “It’s not a gimmick. It’s a real product that works. I love the honesty. My hair hasn’t been this healthy in years.”

    “Results. Other products may promise but if you follow the instructions you will net positive results”

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