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    There is an endless supply of information out there on best practices for hair and scalp health tips. Sometimes, the information you read may be confusing or even misleading. One of the most common hair myths claims it’s not healthy to shampoo your hair every day. Here at Harklinikken, we have more than 27 years of research, product development, and clinical testing under our belts, and we can bust this shampoo myth once and for all.

    Think of it this way. Many of you wash your face every day, right? Think of your scalp as an extension of your face, it differs due to the pH and hair follicles, but it still needs daily care. If you aren’t neglecting the skin on your face, why would you neglect the skin on your head? Yes, it can be harmful to use shampoos with harsh ingredients on the scalp each day. However, the daily use of a shampoo designed as a treatment based on clean and naturally derived constituents is actually beneficial for your hair and scalp health.

    At Harklinikken, we only offer products based on ingredients that are clean, safe, and effective. Our products do not contain parabens, SLS, color, perfume, or silicones. We’ve designed shampoos which with daily use promote scalp health, hair thickness, a healthy pH balance, and oil control. Let’s take a deeper look at these factors. This insight will give you a better understanding of why we are so confident recommending the daily use of our shampoos is one of our top scalp health tips.


    Control sebum production
    Daily shampooing is key to letting your hair follicles breathe. Your hair follicles produce sebum, which is your skin’s natural oil. But if left on the scalp for too long, sebum, dirt, and product build-up can come together to create blockages in your hair follicles and on the scalp, causing scalp build-up. These clogged hair follicles can lead to inflammation that may result in hair thinning over time. Daily use of a Harklinikken shampoo that is designed as a treatment based on naturally derived constituents, like our Stabilizing shampoo, can cleanse deep within the follicle, optimizing conditions for hair growth, so your hair remains strong and voluminous.

    Maintain pH balance
    When your shampoo is created in the right way, such as with our balancing shampoo, it cleanses your hair while repairing the pH balance of your scalp, which helps optimize hair growth conditions, prevent hair thinning and damage of scalp health which can lead to hair thinning. It is one of our top scalp health tips.

    Use ingredients that promote health
    Our bodies require daily nourishment with healthy foods. Just like a healthy diet, a shampoo based on the right ingredients, designed in the right way, delivers results where they are needed the most. Our hair and scalp crave active help on a daily basis to remain healthy and fortified. Shampoos like our Fortifying shampoo, made with organic aloe vera, flax protein, and hydrolyzed quinoa, are designed to deliver what your hair needs daily. It works as what we call “a second layer-shampoo”, meaning it’s ideal to add to the hair after you have applied Balancing shampoo or stabilizing shampoo to your hair. Add our Fortifying shampoo, before rinsing out the balancing shampoo or stabilizing shampoo, lather it up and rinse out. This unique combination regulates the environment and fortifies the hair, without the use of harsh ingredients. It cleanses and promotes health without causing dryness, scalp build up or irritation.

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