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    At Harklinikken, we know when your hair is radiant, your confidence shines through. We also know the best way to achieve hair that is naturally radiant and healthy is to avoid harsh chemicals. Our founder, Lars Skjoth, has more than 27 years of research and product development experience under his belt. Since our inception, Lars has been committed to only creating products with clean chemistry, natural and botanically based constituents. That’s why we create products without problematic ingredients that intersect between nature and science and designed to treat your hair with care from scalp to ends.

    We draw on our extensive research to ensure problematic ingredients never enter our products. This has resulted in countless customers achieving beautiful, lustrous hair after using our range of nourishing shampoos and conditioners or even our styling products. Rather than aiming for a quick fix, we design solutions that take you on a hair journey. We use naturally-derived and science-approved products, time-tested processes, and safe alternatives to potentially restore and maintain your hair and scalp health in the long-term.

    But what goes into these processes? Let’s take a look at a few of the ways we develop problem-free products for hair. This will give you an idea of the difference a good product can make on any head of hair, and may even get you started on your own hair journey!

    Products derived from nature meets good chemistry and science
    At Harklinikken, we’re dedicated to using ingredients derived from nature and combined with the precision of science. We believe your hair looks best without the harmful chemicals, so we put in the effort to find nourishing alternatives.

    Now, we are not simply pulling burdock root and cow’s milk off the shelf and mixing it up for topical use, though we wish it was all that easy! Instead, we use science to isolate beneficial substances in these natural ingredients that will help your hair. This allows us to avoid harsh ingredients and create products that are entirely free of parabens and many other nasties. We can also avoid common ingredients like silicone, artificial colors, aerosols, and more to create hair products that go the extra mile to serve optimal hair and scalp health.

    Some of the natural ingredients that go into making our products are burdock root, marigold, avocado oils, proteins from cow’s milk, quinoa, flax seeds, oat extract, and aloe vera. Nature is the best medicine, but it needs to be combined with good chemistry and science in order to achieve maximum efficacy.

    Commitment to quality
    We avoid harsh ingredients by researching and carefully testing everything we use in our products. It takes longer to design new products this way, but the extra steps make all the difference. The result is a selection of products without harsh chemicals, so you know you’re treating your hair with the care it deserves.

    The most common chemicals used in hair care products could be replaced with an ingredient derived from nature, but creating the same effect is a challenge. Aerosol hairspray works well for holding your hair in place but may compromise your hair and scalp. We’ve taken the time to research and design safer alternatives, such as our non-aerosol styling spray, to provide an option that is better for the environment and for you. 


    Focus on a long-term solution
    Unlike other hair care companies, our goal isn’t to create the illusion of health by coating strands of hair in shiny chemicals. This approach is doing yourself a disservice by compromising your hair and scalp while neglecting the root of your hair health. We design our hair products without parabens and other harmful chemicals because health is our top priority. By nurturing the hair shaft with real nutrients, cleansing and restoring pH balance in your scalp, and tackling your specific hair needs, we help you build hair strength and health that lasts for years to come.

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