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    While many women experience thinning hair at different stages in their life, there are also many women who believe they have naturally thin hair, and it’s just always been that way.

    While the hair thinning process is typically more aggressive in men, where it’s often noticed in the temple area and in the crown, the process happens much more gradually and sporadically for women. Due to the sporadic nature of women’s hair thinning, where the hair follicles slowly shrink with each new generation of hair, women typically don’t tend to notice their thinning until they have been thinning for many years. The hair thinning process typically offsets with hormonal changes that can occur as early as in their late teens, why a woman that notices her hair thinning at 35 might have been thinning gradually since she was as young as 15. When women first notice their hair thinning, they are often proactive in seeking solutions. But women who have had thin hair for their entire adult lives are more likely to think that they’ve always had thin hair and always will have thin hair.

    In most cases, however, these women would be mistaken. Chances are if they see a picture of when they were in their teens, their hair was healthier and fuller than it is now. The reality is that they may very well have naturally fine hair, to begin with, but that their fine hair has become even thinner over time. The good news is that even fine-textured hair can become thick and voluminous with the right approach to hair health. There really is a way to stop thinning hair.

    What happens to your hair follicles over time
    We often hear clients telling us how they have always had fine hair. But in fact, it is often the case that their hair has been thinning so gradually over time that really hasn’t noticed how much it has really changed. What happens is that your follicles are going through the process of miniaturization, meaning that they are shrinking in diameter and becoming shallower, thereby moving closer to the surface of your scalp with each new generation of hair. While each hair follicle maybe was able to produce 3-4 thick, healthy hair strands, they might only be able to produce 1-2 hair strands now, resulting in less volume. At the same time, as the diameter of your follicle has shrunken, so has the diameter of each strand it produces, making them more fragile and prone to breakage. Simultaneously, given their small diameter, they are not able to hold on to nearly as much moisture, hydration, and melanin, making your hair look dry and damaged.

    Either way, the problem is that your hair follicles are becoming smaller.

    Even if you think you’re destined to have thin hair all your life, we recommend that you schedule a consultation at Harklinikken; our hair specialists will carefully assess your scalp and plan a non-invasive, non-systemic, and purely topical treatment for restoring optimal scalp and hair health, whether your hair is newly thinning, or you feel like it’s been that way all of your life.

    harklinikken-consultationAmount of daily hair shedding
    One way to tell if your hair is thinning is the rate at which your hair sheds. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it is normal to lose between 50 to 100 strands of hair each day. Many people also experience much more shedding than this without any issues.

    With thinning hair, women may shed more than the average daily amount. This could happen for several reasons, including immune system issues, reaction to new medication, or the use of harsh hair products. If you have any doubt whether you’re shedding a healthy amount, a hair specialist can help. They’ll assess the situation and have you feeling confident about your hair situation in no time.

    The solutions
    Thin hair and hair thinning are often discussed as entirely different problems, but the solutions can be the same in many instances. Whether your hair is thinning, or you think it’s been thin all your life, our hair growth extract was designed just for you as it can help boost your follicles to produce a thicker, fuller hair. After confirmation that you’re a good candidate for our Extract regimen, we’ll help you build a new hair care routine to work alongside the extract. With this treatment, you’ll begin your journey to healthy, voluminous hair, even if you never thought it was possible.

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