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    There are some times of the year when we feel we are shedding more hair than normal and often it can occur with the change of seasons. Interestingly, there are no conclusive scientific studies as to why seasonal shedding occurs as it varies from person to person and tends to affect women more than men.

    Our research suggests seasonal shedding is linked to the hormonal fluctuations that can happen at different times of the year, caused by changes in temperature and our exposure to sunlight.

    If it is something you experience, there are ways you can help manage seasonal shedding and make sure that you keep your locks in optimum condition. Here we separate fact from fiction.

    How do we manage seasonal shedding?
    The term seasonal shedding refers to the changes in hair growth that many people report when the season changes. When it comes to how to stop hair shedding unfortunately there is no magic solution, but you can make sure your hair is as healthy as possible leading up to the time that you start to shed and make sure the hair growing back is of the same quality.

    How much shedding is normal?
    Most of us heard different sayings in our formative years about the number of hairs that should fall into our hairbrush or shower drain at the end of each day, and often the magic number of 100 hairs a day is quoted. But the truth is that this number will really vary from person to person.

    Factors like aging, menopause, puberty, pregnancy, stress, and physical responses to the season changing can all affect hair shedding and growth, so you don’t need to worry if shedding fluctuates from time to time. If you are concerned about whether the hair growing back feels thinner, then it is worth getting an opinion from a professional.

    Take care of your hair
    When it comes to seasonal shedding, the important thing to remember is not to focus on the individual strands of hair you have shed, but the quality and quantity of the hair that grows back. 

    So, if you are coming up to that seasonal change, there are a few top tips you can follow to make sure that your replacement hairs are growing back strong and glossy:

    Reduce stress
    High-stress levels can limit healthy hair growth, so make sure you give yourself downtime and a chance to switch off.

    Eat a healthy balanced diet
    Nutrition is key and you can help your hair stay healthy through vitamin intake, amino acids and minerals like zinc and iron.

    Get a good night’s rest
    Your body repairs and regenerates at night when you are asleep, so make sure you are resting enough to help your hair and body stay healthy.

    Avoid dying hair excessively
    Keep in mind that hair dye contains ammonia and hydrogen peroxide and overprocessing can damage your hair follicles.

    Use non-toxic hair products
    You want hair products that nourish your hair from root to tip, which is why all Harklinikken products are free of problematic ingredients.

    At Harklinikken, we are constantly researching and developing our incredible range of products so that it really cater to women’s natural hormonal changes throughout their lifetime.

    So if you’re worried about seasonal shedding, you can count on our shampoos and conditioners, our customized Extract and gentle styling products. Our goal is to put the power back in your hands so you can get back to feeling your authentic, amazing self!

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