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    Jennifer joined Harklinikken after an 11-year career in customer service, with experience in Managed Care. She first became interested in Harklinikken after a family member had great success in regrowing her hair after struggling 30 years with the problem and trying numerous other treatments.

    “First, I was so impressed with the results. As I got to know the people at Harklinikken, I believed in their values and client focus. They really put the client at the center of attention.”

    Jennifer has been working one-on-one with clients, both in the clinic and online, hearing questions like:

    • How long before I see results?
    • How long do I need to use the treatment?

    She also works with them over the course of treatment – helping them understand the process, work it into their daily routine, talking with them when they see some shedding as new hair growth pushes through. For answers to these questions and more, visit our FAQs.

    “I use the treatment myself, so I understand it’s a commitment. But when you see the results, it’s easy to make it a priority.”

    Jennifer, as manager of the Client Care Center, works with a team of hair specialists. “I look for people who can connect online and listen. Our clients need and deserve people who are willing to spend the time to answer questions. We want the online consultation to feel as close to the clinic as possible – the same care, continuity, and knowledge you’ll get face-to-face.”

    Jennifer and her team are available to answer your questions and concerns by phone at 813-414-0100 or Skype. If you are ready to find out if the Harklinikken team can help you regrow your hair, start the process by taking our free assessment.


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