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    Hair loss and its treatment often raises a lot of questions. Whether you are just starting to research treatment options, you are in the middle of treatment, or you are trying to maintain hair health we welcome the chance to talk with you and answer your questions.

    Harklinikken’s founder, Lars Skjoth offers his advice on some of the more recent topics he’s been asked about:

    Is a natural shampoo really better for my hair?

    Yes, a shampoo developed without  harsh chemicals is less damaging for the hair, the body and the environment. Shampoos without problematic ingredients can improve and maintain the health of your scalp and hair. Unfortunately, the word “natural” has been misused a lot and not just in connection with hair care products. There has to be a balance in the shampoo you use so that it leaves your hair nice and clean, but without stripping the hair of its natural protective layers. The balance is difficult to find and it varies from person to person, which is why we carefull select the shampoo relevant for each client. Harklinikken shampoos are not just a wash but primarily a treatment. They don’t strip the hair or coat it with silicone, which weighs hair down and makes it look dull over time. People who use the Harklinikken shampoo have noticed a change in the luster and manageability of their hair.

    After beginning to use the Extract, I noticed my hair seems darker and richer in color. How is this possible?

    The color itself isn’t changing at this stage, but rather it’s the hair luster and the way the hair is seen. As the hair quality and amount improves, less scalp is visible and the light reflects off the hair differently because of the way our products work together. There is also no build-up on the hair from silicone and similar ingredients that coat the hair. This can give the illusion that the hair is darker, but it’s really just the way healthier, fuller hair is seen in the light. Our client, Henry, is a great example. His hair looks darker because the hair is much thicker, so less scalp is visible. After nine months of treatment, his hair is denser and has a much better quality and luster.

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