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    Beautiful, shiny hair is an empowering asset for both men and women. It doesn’t matter who you are, you feel good when you look good, and you look good when you feel good. And hair plays a big role in this.

    Looking good starts from within, helping you radiate confidence from the inside out. Both men and women take pride in their hair care, and both can experience the negative impact of hair thinning in different ways. So, how is hair thinning treatment different between men and women?

    Male hair thinning commonly starts as a receding hairline, high temples, and gradual thinning at the crown. This differs from female hair thinning, which typically happens more evenly over the scalp due to a gradual minimization of the hair follicles. This process is very common and often reversible with the right approach. Most people can prevent hair thinning and even create more volume by beginning a preventive hair journey.

    No matter what stage of hair growth a woman is in, she can benefit from learning about hair thinning treatment options and how to build beneficial hair care into her daily routine. Let’s take a look at a few of the differences in hair thinning between men and women. Knowing this information can help you discover solutions and achieve the best hair of your life!

    Starting younger
    One of the most significant differences in hair thinning between men and women is when we first notice it. Men can begin to notice hair thinning as early as their twenties or thirties, while women may not notice hair thinning until much later in life as the female thinning is much more gradual and less aggressive. However, women can benefit from hair growth products and services for hair health at any stage of growth.  

    When using hair care products such as shampoos and conditioners with clean chemistry and plant-based constituents designed to promote hair growth, women at any phase will notice a difference in hair and scalp health. Switching to beneficial products at a young age can be part of a preventive plan that keeps your hair vibrant and thick throughout your life.

    plantsPotential solutions
    With an in-person or online consultation with a hair specialist, you can take those steps towards reversing hair thinning. The process will feel like chatting with a friend in your living room as your expert hair specialist comes up with real workable solutions. Before you know it, you’ll see amazing results and get the confidence boost you deserve.

    Just as hair thinning in men and women is completely different, hair thinning treatments differ as well. Women can improve scalp health and see amazing results just by removing buildup with a great shampoo as a treatment based on naturally derived constituents. Other factors that can contribute to healthy hair are keeping your hair hydrated, using styling products that benefit your hair, and addressing the unique needs of your scalp to keep it happy and healthy. Luckily, there are great solutions out there for any woman to achieve the hair of her dreams, no matter her phase of life.

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