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    No problem! It’s important that the Extract has a chance to work for 6-8 hours. You can apply the...

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    What if I prefer to shower at night?

    Nightly application of the Extract followed by daily shampoo and use of specialized hair care pro...

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    What is the Treatment Protocol?

    To work only with those, we truly believe we can help. To be clear, transparent and true to our i...

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    What is Harklinikken’s Philosophy

    Your consistency directly impacts your results. Daily use is the single biggest factor in our cli...

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    What if I don´t apply the Harklinikken Extract and wash my hair daily?

    Our shampoo is not a regular wash is a treatment and it creates the optimal biological environmen...

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    Do I have to use your shampoo and conditioner?

    Although the Extract has a definite texture, you can still style your hair and go about your day....

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    Can I exercise or go out while the extract is in my hair?

    Raw plant-based materials isolated from different botanical components such as the plants sterols...

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    What is in the Extract?

    Although we can make no absolute guarantees, we only accept clients who we believe will benefit f...

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    How quickly can I expect to see results?

    While some shedding is normal as hair grows in thicker, no clients have experienced any significa...

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    What are possible side effects?

    The components contained in the Extract that reverse the hair thinning process only work when you...

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    How long do I need to continue treatment and If I stop, will my hair start to fall out?

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