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    • What if I prefer to shower at night?

      No problem! It’s important that the Extract has a chance to work for 6-8 hours. You can apply the Extract in the morning before daily styling and leave it in until your evening shower.
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    • What is the Treatment Protocol?

      Nightly application of the Extract followed by daily shampoo and use of specialized hair care products. Our Shampoos and hair care products are formulated to work with your customized Extract to optimize and maintain hair ...
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    • What is Harklinikken’s Philosophy

      To work only with those, we truly believe we can help. To be clear, transparent and true to our intent. Harklinikken´s range of products includes individually customized products for hair and scalp. All products are based ...
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    • What if I don´t apply the Harklinikken Extract and wash my hair daily?

      Your consistency directly impacts your results. Daily use is the single biggest factor in our clients’ success. Washing is part of the treatment and your consistency directly impacts your results. However, washing the hair...
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    • Do I have to use your shampoo and conditioner?

      Our shampoo is not a regular wash is a treatment and it creates the optimal biological environment on the scalp paving the way for the hair follicle to accept the extract. The Harklinikken conditioner gives your hair the m...
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    • Can I exercise or go out while the extract is in my hair?

      Although the Extract has a definite texture, you can still style your hair and go about your day. Some clients even like the volume it adds to their roots. It’s best to apply the Extract two hours after exercising, because...
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    • What is in the Extract?

      Raw plant-based materials isolated from different botanical components such as the plants sterols, tannins, and fatty acids. There are no problematic preservatives, no petro-chemicals, no coloring and no perfumes.
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    • How quickly can I expect to see results?

      Although we can make no absolute guarantees, we only accept clients who we believe will benefit from our regimen. Given the natural timing of hair growth, many of our clients report thicker hair and increasing hair regrowt...
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