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    Before Ashley Found Harklinikken

    I have had very lifeless, limp hair for as long as I can remember. About a year ago it started falling out severely, and I was in complete denial. I started wearing a large headband around the front of my head and pulling my hair back in a ponytail. I didn’t want to put makeup on or fix my hair because it just made things more real. I didn’t want to admit that my hair was really failing out, and that’s because I didn’t think there was a treatment out there that would give me any result. I have been trying products for as long as I remember. I took vitamins and tried anything that anybody ever offered me, and nothing ever worked.

    After Ashley Found Harklinikken

    My husband noticed that my hair was falling out, and that was when I sought the services of Harklinikken. It was something that I had heard about and I thought it was something I would try. Here we are 9 months later, and I am in complete disbelief and I feel a tremendous amount of gratitude. The results are so amazing, and for the first time I feel like I look nice now. I fix my hair now, there are so many real results, and I look back at the pictures and I’m not bald anymore.

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