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    Before Christine Found Harklinikken

    I started noticing hair loss probably about 5 years ago, but I didn’t think anything of it. I thought, “Oh, I’m getting a little older, my hair is probably getting a little thinner.” And since I had so much hair, it really didn’t have an impact on me. It wasn’t until I moved to Tampa with my husband that I started noticing a lot of hair falling out in the shower. My husband started noticing it as well and even noticed that there was a bald spot forming on the back of my head. After he persuaded me that this was an issue, I finally went to the doctor to see what was going on.My first thought was not genetic hair loss. My first thought was maybe this is a thyroid issue or a hormonal issue or something that I could eventually take a pill for and walk away from. I had blood work done, and I went to a dermatologist and they did some biopsies. They said I had genetic hair loss, and I was devastated. It was worse for me than something like a thyroid problem because it meant that this was inevitable, I was going to lose my hair and it was just a matter of time. They gave me some pamphlets as I left and in that book there was an advertisement for Harklinikken. I sat on it for about a month and joked around with my husband that I was just going to go blonde and get a wig, but he said he would pay whatever it took for me to keep my hair. So I made an appointment and it went great. I was embarrassed of course, and I had no idea how thin my hair really had gotten until they took pictures. They gave me some product and told me I could get started.

    After Christine Found Harklinikken

    Within the first month I noticed a difference. I think the product kind of gives you instant gratification where it thickens your follicle right away. And the fact that hair wasn’t falling out in the shower really made me feel a lot better. So here I am, full hair, about a year and a half later.

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