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    Before Corey Found Harklinikken

    When I was in college I started noticing my hair was thinning, mostly in the front. I was also noticing the crown area, some thinning was happening there. I started using Rogaine as a possible treatment for this. I was using it for about 4 years and I really wasn’t noticing any results at all.I decided to go to my dermatologist to see if I could find a solution that could work a little bit better for me, and they recommended Harklinikken. When I went to Harklinikken, at first they didn’t want to start the treatment right away because they noticed my scalp was irritated from the Rogaine. The first thing they tried to do was to regulate the scalp by using nonabrasive shampoos in order to balance it out, so we could begin the treatment.

    After Corey Found Harklinikken

    We began the treatment and it was completely customized for me. I would say within the first couple of months I was noticing real results in the front and in the crown area. As you can see now, it’s much thicker and there is no hair loss going on there.It’s been excellent so far. I was skeptical at first and I spoke to my family before I went to the dermatologist about the hair treatment. They told me “it’s just a gimmick, it’s not going to work for you,” and they were skeptical until I showed them pictures with real results. Now they’re not skeptics anymore. I would recommend Harklinikken to anybody who wants to get their hair back. It’s simple, it’s not expensive, it’s not difficult to do – just two treatments every night before you go to bed. As long as you stick with it, you should get your hair back.

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