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    Before Courtney Found Harklinikken

    I have been on the hair treatment for approximately 15 months…and it’s been quite a journey…I was 15 and I thought that [my hair loss] was something that was probably normal, and I went to see a dermatologist. He told me that it was probably stress-related and gave me some men’s Rogaine to try. And I tried it and saw no results. I was extremely embarrassed as a 15-year-old to be saying I was on Rogaine, no less men’s Rogaine. I continued ignoring the problem, my hair continued to fall out, and I just became extremely self-conscious.Through college and getting married, I still continued to struggle until I reached this point…that my hair was so bad that I was spending every morning just looking in the mirror trying to cover up my scalp. And just going to work thinking oh my gosh I hope no one notices that my hair is so thin.

    After Courtney Found Harklinikken

    So when I heard about the hair treatment here I was just so excited because I was like, maybe there is hope! Even just after a month of being on the treatment I started seeing such positive results and just my hair was feeling better, and I was feeling so much more confident after a month. And now 15 months later, my hair feels great, it looks great. I don’t worry about it. I’m not self-conscious about it. I can be myself around other people and enjoy life and not worry about how my hair looks. So, I’m just extremely grateful that I found the treatment, and I would definitely recommend it.

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