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    Before Judi Found Harklinikken

    In my late 20s I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. The reason I was diagnosed was because I was losing my hair. I was in the public a lot doing presentations in sales and marketing, and it really affected my confidence, so I sought treatments to be able to grow my hair back. I started on minoxidil three different times, I took different supplements…any kind of vitamin or hair product that a hair stylist would tell me about I would try to use to try to regrow my hair.

    After Judi Found Harklinikken

    Last year I had a really good friend of mine talk to me about Harklinikken, and I was really excited to find out about this solution. So I went in and made my appointment, and after looking at my scalp and asking me different questions, they told me I was a candidate, which I was thrilled about. And within about 30 days I started to see hair growth.It’s been almost 6 months for me right now, and my hair stylist has had to cut my hair differently because I actually have hair now to cut. We’re in hair style mode as opposed to camouflage mode. I’m very excited to actually have a better head of hair now in my 50s than I had in my late 20s.

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