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    Before Louise Found Harklinikken

    I was 19 when I started noticing that my bangs were getting thinner and thinner. It started to spread slowly to the sides. I would have a stomach ache all day, worrying that others could see how thin my hair was. The worst were the nightclubs and rain. When the spotlights hit me I looked away quickly, and when it rained I went anywhere inside, for fear of getting my hair wet. When it was wet it was impossible to hide how thin the hair was. I went to a doctor who came up with different proposals, which I tried unsuccessfully. I tried different shampoos, pills and medications, but nothing worked. It was a nightmare by the end and I worried about my hair constantly.

    After Louise Recieved Treatment

    Eighteen months ago my aunt suggested to me that I should try Harklinikken and see if they could help me. Now I am 26 and have Harklinikken to thank for getting my hair back and giving me a sense of freedom. I no longer get a knot in my stomach when someone stands up behind me while I sit down, and rain and spotlights are no longer so scary. It’s not always fun to come home late in the evening and have to put extract on the scalp, but it’s worth it. I do it so that I can feel comfortable while I do the things I want and when it comes down to it, it takes no more time than brushing your teeth or removing makeup.

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