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    Before Maria Found Harklinikken

    My hairbrush was always filled with hair! It all started when I was about 20. I noticed that my hair was so thin that you could always see my scalp, no matter how I wore it. It was not long before I started to get feedback from family and friends. Comments like ‘Why is your hair so thin, have you seen a doctor about it?’Finally, I went to the doctor and had countless blood tests taken. When the blood tests did not show anything significant, I was referred to one specialist after another, only to find out that they could not do anything for me.

    After Maria Found Harklinikken

    I was about to give up and was actually considering getting a wig if my hair loss became worse. Then I came across Harklinikken online. Although I was very skeptical, I talked to my mother and she had actually just watched a program on television in which Harklinikken was mentioned favorably. So, I decided to give it a try – and am I glad that I did!I am no longer embarrassed by my hair. Although the process has been an adjustment, I continue to do everything to ensure my hair never becomes so thin again. The pictures of the results speak for themselves. I even had a friend who asked what I had done to my hair to make it so thick because she was upset that hers had become thinner. I told her about my program and recommended that she contact Harklinikken.

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