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    What Shaima Has To Say About The Harklinkken Treatment…

    I think once I started doing the treatment I started to become aware of what the signs of thinning look like. Then I started to notice so many people [with thinning hair]. I think it’s definitely a problem we have in Dubai, especially because we live in a desert climate. We also lack a lot of the nutrients and minerals you get in a place that has lush greenery and natural spring water, so I think that affects us.I’ve forgotten how good my hair could look because for the longest time I had always been told I have dry hair, I have thin hair, I have damaged hair, all these issues – I never heard anything good about my hair. Now sometimes my hair looks so great that I don’t want to wash it, but you have to every day with the treatment. So I go ahead and wash it, but the next morning it looks just as great. It’s pretty awesome, I’m still getting used to it.

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