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    • Mohammed


      What Mohammed Has To Say About The Harklinkken Treatment… Male pattern baldness is common in men in their 30s. Mohammed sought out Harklinikken as he became increasingly bothered by his receding hairline and thinning at th...
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    • Frank


      What Frank Has To Say About The Harklinkken Treatment… I have been a patient of the clinic for a year and a half. Before I became a patient I looked into other alternatives of trying to get my hair back like Rogaine, takin...
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    • Hamid


      What Hamid Has To Say About The Harklinkken Treatment… Hamid sought out the Harklinikken hair regrowth treatment at the age of 27 after trying Rogaine and considering a hair transplant. One year later, his hair is visibly ...
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    • Henry


      What Henry Has To Say About The Harklinkken Treatment… After eight months of Harklinikken treatment, I’ve gotten my hair back — darker and fuller than before. I didn’t believe this would be possible but I came to Harklinik...
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    • Corey


      Before Corey Found Harklinikken When I was in college I started noticing my hair was thinning, mostly in the front. I was also noticing the crown area, some thinning was happening there. I started using Rogaine as a possib...
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    • Nick


      Before Nick Found Harklinikken I’ve been in treatment about nine months now. What brought me to the clinic was that I was at a point where I was frustrated, and I needed some professional help regarding thinning…in 2013 I ...
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