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    You may have heard the scalp is the foundation for beautiful hair, but maintaining scalp health is about more than just cleansing. Scalp health is a popular topic these days, but conflicting information makes it unclear how to keep a healthy scalp. 

    Sometimes it’s best to consult the experts. At Harklinikken, we have decades of experience taking a scalp-first approach to healthy hair, and our hair specialists are here to offer healthy scalp tips and solutions that transcend hair care. 

    In our eyes, looking after your scalp should feel like an extension of your self-love routine. Cleansing and hydration are daily efforts that will help you feel great in your skin. Even though your scalp is hidden beneath your hair, it plays a significant role in how you present yourself to the world. Developing a daily routine unique to your needs, and sticking with it in the long-run, will help you maintain scalp health and strong, glossy locks. Let’s take a look at some scalp health tips and products to help you achieve the hair if your dreams.

    The first step for scalp maintenance

    The first step for scalp maintenance is a proper cleansing routine. This means washing your scalp every day or every other day. You’ll want to use a product that thoroughly cleanses the scalp with gentle yet active ingredients. Many cleansing products strip your hair of moisture and nutrients, so choose your product carefully to maintain optimal scalp health.

    Whenever we offer scalp health tips to our clients, we recommend a Harklinikken shampoo and hydration program as a minimum daily routine. In products like our Balancing Shampoo, we use active and clean ingredients like organic oats to soothe the scalp and contribute to your hair’s strength. A hydrating product like our Daily Conditioner combines the best chemistry with naturally-derived ingredients like aloe vera and avocado oil. It doesn't consist of any nasty ingredients such as silicones, and it will therefore, be harmless if it gets in contact with your scalp. 

    A program as unique as you

    If we’re talking healthy scalp tips, we have to mention the importance of a routine that works with your scalp’s natural biology. Harklinikken’s specialists can provide personalized recommendations for restoring scalp health while staying true to your unique essence. 

    The most effective remedy for optimizing the scalp’s ecosystem is our Extract. This liquid is meticulously customized to provide a scalp solution unique to each individual. We hand-blend each bottle with clean and naturally derived constituents to ensure your specific scalp needs are met. Using products that take your scalp conditions into account is the best way to maintain and optimize health.

    Stick with it and see amazing results

    A stress-free, scalp-first system removes many barriers to maintenance. Stress is one of the conditions that can cause shifts in your scalp health, and it can also pose a challenge when it comes to maintaining your daily routines. The Harklinikken hair specialists take the stress out of maintaining scalp health by working with you to design a plan you can stick with each day. Daily compliance is essential to optimizing scalp health, so our step-by-step programs make amazing results more achievable than ever.

    Your Harklinikken team will continually offer new scalp health tips and products to ensure your success. We’ll adjust your program and ingredients throughout your plan. Depending on the nature of your scalp and hair and your compliance and response, we will tweak products like our Extract solution to ensure maximum results. There’s no one as dedicated as us regarding scalp health, so trust the experts to help maintain yours into the future.

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