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The specialists at Harklinikken is passionate about healthy hair, and we treat our clients for hair loss through the use of our high-end hair care products developed especially to combat hair loss.

Hair loss Treatment

100,000 women and men around the globe have gotten their hair back with help from Harklinikken's hair specialists. Find out if you’re a suitable candidate for our treatment!

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Can you get your hair back? Book an online consultation with Harklinikken, and your personal hair specialist will evaluate you and lay out a plan for regrowing your hair.

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Hair Care Products

Harklinikken has developed unique, high-end hair care products that you can use to treat yourself and your hair on a daily basis.

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Our hair specialists have treated more than 100,000 women and men around the globe.

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Hundreds of hair care products claim to reverse hair loss, but few succeed. Harklinikken's products are uniquely tailored to combat hair loss, and our hair specialists are committed to educating our clients about our effective treatment for hair loss.

Through our research we have developed some of the best hair care products to compliment our hair regrowth treatment.

Customized Treatment

Harklinikken’s treatment is customized for each client to meet his or her specific needs. By tailoring and hand mixing each client’s Extract, we achieve unparalleled results.

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Documented Results

Our approved clients experience a marked increase in hair regrowth. The results speak for themselves on our before-and-after photos of clients' hair and scalp.

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100,000 Clients

100,000 men and women around the globe have gotten their hair back with Harklinikken. Book a free evaluation to find out if you’re a candidate!

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Harklinikken has an extensive range of products for your hair. Our products include shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and styling products.

All of our products are made without any problematic ingredients. Gentle on both the scalp and hair, they are specially developed for thinning hair.

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Hair loss is very personal. It can impact every facet of your life, and most importantly, how you feel about yourself. Clients typically come to Harklinikken after trying nearly everything else: Minoxidil/Rogaine, Propecia, laser treatment, vitamin supplements, extensions, you name it.

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Our founder lars skjøth

Lars Skjoth, Harklinikken founder and head of research and development, made a discovery in 1994 that makes it possible today for us to effectively treat hereditary hair loss in both women and men in a way that is customized to each client’s needs.

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Our founder lars skjøth