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    You might know that if your scalp is healthy, your mane is free to grow long and strong. There are many hair conditioning treatments out there claiming to help this process, but how do you know which ones are best for your locks? At Harklinikken we have spent decades testing ingredients, so they offer an expert perspective when it comes to products to avoid. 

    Read on for advice from the experts on ingredients and styling methods to steer clear of, and some excellent options to try instead. Whether you’re aiming to alleviate vulnerabilities around hair thinning or feel better in your scalp, these tips will help you develop a regimen, your hair and scalp are sure to love. 

    Tips for using a hair conditioning treatment

    Many people know moisture is a crucial ingredient for healthy hair and scalp, but this doesn’t mean you should apply your usual hair conditioning treatment to the skin on your head. Most conditioners on the market contain ingredients that can layer on the scalp and cause build-up. Your scalp needs to breathe to grow the best hair possible, so keeping each follicle unclogged is a crucial part of a good regimen. 

    Products like our Daily Conditioner benefit your hair, there´s no need to apply to the skin on the scalp directly.The best approach is washing hair once a day or every other day, using conditioner to the lengths. You can then work the shampoo into the scalp, cleansing the skin, and helping your hair reach its highest potential.

    Know which products to avoid

    When selecting products for your hair and scalp regimen, avoid ingredients that coat the strands in extra chemicals. Many products add these ingredients to create the illusion of health, but the result is dehydrated hair and more breakage. This coating can get on the scalp and hair follicles and impede the usual hair conditioner benefits of hydration and health. We recommend avoiding products with silicone, color, parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oil, and fragrance.

    Another product to steer clear of is dry shampoo. If used in excess as a substitute for washing, dry shampoo can cause scalp issues. Dry shampoo is really not a shampoo and do not wash your scalp or hair; they only give the illusion of recently cleansed strands. The chemicals and powders in these products are unhelpful for overall health as they clog the hair follicles, irritate your scalp, throw off pH balance, and lead to hair thinning. 

    Instead, try a product like our Balancing Shampoo. This product’s precise blend of natural constituents and good chemistry applies a gentle touch, letting your scalp breath while adding in a wealth of nutrients.

    Develop healthy styling habits

    When styling, heat expands the cuticle layer of your hair and speeds up the loss of moisture. If your hair is already porous, chemically processed, or compromised in other ways, using a dryer on your hair is enough to cause moisture loss. 

    Excessive heat may also provoke your oil glands, which can negatively impact your scalp’s delicate ecosystem. The scalp can become dry and irritated from extreme heat, and oil glands may overproduce to make up for moisture loss. We suggest reducing your use of a hairdryer or switching to a medium or cold setting.

    If you do style your hair, choose products that help your strands stay healthy. Harklinikken’s Styling Spray is made with ingredients such as marigold, rice extract, and sunflower seed oil. It acts as a fantastic addition to your usual hair conditioning treatment while holding your style securely in place.

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