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    • What are possible side effects?

      While some shedding is normal as hair grows in thicker, no clients have experienced any significant side effects. Since Harklinikken’s treatment of each client is individual, the Extract should only be used in accordance w...
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    • How long do I need to continue treatment and If I stop, will my hair start to fall out?

      The components contained in the Extract that reverse the hair thinning process only work when you use it. Even after you’ve reached optimal results, you will need to continue your routine to prevent further hair thinning. ...
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    • Is this covered by insurance?

      No, using Harklinikken products is considered cosmetic and this is not generally covered by health insurance carriers.
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    • What if I don´t live nearby one of your clinics?

      If you don’t live nearby one of our clinics in Denmark, Dubai, Germany, New York or Tampa, a virtual consultation is preferred as it is more personal, and we are able to look at your scalp and hair, as it helps us knowing ...
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    • Can I color or highlight my hair?

      Yes, you may continue to color and highlight your hair. Be sure to thoroughly hydrate the hair with our mask or leave in conditioner post coloring to ensure hair is healthy, hydrated and elastic.
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    • Why are you not out in the market if it works so well?

      This is a customized product for clients that qualify for our treatment. We take only those we can help. This is not a one size fits all product. Close follow up with our specialists is very important for our clients to ga...
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