Seven Hair and Scalp Health Tips for Summer

Just like wintertime, summer brings its own set of challenges for keeping your scalp and hair healthy. From increased sun exposure, humidity, and sweat to spending more time in chlorine and seawater, there are all kinds of factors at play during the warmer months. While some basic scalp and hair rules never change, there are certain aspects of your routine to pay extra attention to this season.

1. Protect your scalp and hair from the sun

Wear scarves, bandanas and hats to protect your scalp from sunburn and your hair from sun damage. Prolonged sun exposure can weaken the hair’s structure and cause it to dry out faster, resulting in strands that are more fragile and prone to damage. If you dye your hair, you also might find the colour fades more quickly in summertime.

2. Rinse and protect your hair before and after swimming

Most people are aware you should cleanse – or at least rinse – your hair after swimming in a pool or the sea, but did you know rinsing before is just as important? Think of your hair like a sponge; there’s only so much water it can hold. It’s much better for each strand to be saturated in fresh shower water than chlorinated water, so drenching your hair before taking a dip limits the amount of chlorine your hair will absorb.

Wetting the hair with lukewarm water and applying a leave in Conditioner – such as Hair Hydration Crème, Hair Mask or Weightless Conditioner – at least five to ten minutes before entering chlorinated or salt water, will offer additional protection. As will re-applying or layering hydration products after swimming, ahead of the opportunity for a thorough rinse and cleanse.

3. Shampoo correctly and frequently

This isn't just a summertime rule, but the warmer months can mean more buildup on your scalp from increased sweat production. It might be tempting to reach for the dry shampoo on sweaty days, but don’t forget these products are just adding to the buildup (of product, oils and flakes) on your scalp and are no replacement for a proper, thorough cleanse with a high-performance shampoo.

4. Hydrate your strands

Hydration is always essential, no matter the season. But summer brings the heat – and that can dry out your strands more quickly than normal. Additionally, the salt in seawater can dehydrate your strands. Just like in winter, make sure to use either our Daily Conditioner or Weightless Conditioner when cleansing; apply our leave-in Hydrating Hair Crème to dry or damp hair; and use our Hair Mask minimum once or twice a week for a deep treatment.

5. Drink plenty of water

It’s integral to drink an adequate amount of mineral rich water for overall health and wellbeing – and that also includes the health of your scalp and hair. Staying well-hydrated helps your scalp and hair follicles function at their best and can supply and support the absorption of nutrients needed for healthier, stronger strands.

6. Get a trim

If you’re spending more time outside in the elements, your hair might be becoming more damaged by the sun, wind and heat. While trims won’t make your hair grow faster, frequent cuts are great for removing split, brittle ends. The result will often be a fuller looking hair with more lustre.

7. Minimise use of hot styling tools

Summer is the perfect time to allow your hair to air-dry more often. Not only will it dry more quickly than during the colder months, but the increased humidity can also be a great reason to embrace your natural texture. Instead of reaching for your blow-dryer, straightener or curling wand this season, why not apply our Styling Wax or Styling Gel to clean, damp hair to enjoy shiny and defined waves, curls, coils and kinks.

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