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     Every year, we go through the ritual of rounding up the best dishes to order, shops to peruse, cocktails to drink, and handy people to hire. And every year, even as we mourn a few losses (farewell, Saltie sandwiches; so long, Hi-Fi bar), we marvel at all the ways New York manages to be much more than a bunch of banks and Duane Reades. This year’s best-of list in the health and self category includes pregnant workouts, a keratin alternative, a tell-it-like-it-is astrologer, and more.

    Hair Thickener

    139 5th Ave, 2nd Floor, NY, NY 10010 813-414-0100

    “Plant extracts with enzymes from cow’s milk.” Those are the curious, active ingredients in the topical elixir solutions sold by Harklinikken, a hair-loss treatment clinic and recent import from Denmark. Lars Skjoth is the affable chemist and nutritionist who founded the clinic in 1992 — he had a hunch about how bacteria could affect skin follicles and regrowth — and his proprietary formula goes on the scalp at night. After an initial in-person consultation of $350, the products cost between $110 to $160 a month and take around four months to start working, but they’ve been called “the real deal” by clients, particularly women who saw new growth around widening parts and at the temples.

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