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    Many women believe applying hair masks, creams, and oils is the key to having beautiful hair. There are some great products out there for achieving shine and volume, but did you know that healthy hair starts with your scalp? Scalp build-up and damage can impact the quality of your hair, so restoring scalp health is the first step to achieving fantastic hair.

    Think about it. The roots of your hair start at your scalp. So naturally, this is the place to start when looking to begin a healthy hair care journey. Beautiful, lustrous hair is achievable for any woman, and it begins with making scalp health a priority.

    You can build scalp health practices into your self-care regimen easily. Whether you’d like to, achieve thicker, stronger hair, or simply maintain your beautiful locks, restoring scalp health can help you. These healthy scalp tips can help you embark on this new phase of your hair journey. Amazing results are just around the corner!

    Remove scalp build-up to let the hair grow freely
    Scalp build-up might cause your hair to thin if left untreated. When you have build-up on your scalp, your hair follicles can’t “breathe” properly. Factors that can cause scalp build-up include hard water, products that contain heavy chemicals and silicones, or ineffective or infrequent cleansing. Try using an effective Balancing shampoo without silicones, parabens, or perfumes. This will restore the natural pH level and may reduce scalp irritation, as the balancing shampoo gives the scalp and follicles a deep cleanse that is yet gentle enough for everyday use.

    harklinikken-shampoosRecognize and deal with stress
    Stress is a natural and often important part of our daily lives, but when it goes unmanaged it can create a hormonal imbalance that negatively impacts the scalp’s biological environment and hair health. Stress can increase oil production in hair follicle glands, resulting in a build-up of oil. This buildup can then lead to further issues such as seborrheic dermatitis. Stress may also result in conditions like Trichotillomania, which involves pulling hair out from your scalp and eyebrows when stressed.

    Although we can’t completely eliminate stress from our lives, and nor should we, there are some steps we can take to mitigate stress and the resulting hair loss or damage:

      Get eight to nine hours of sleep every night
      Make time for walks and exercise
      Eat whole, nutrient-dense foods-stay away from the processed stuff

      Use styling products with clean chemistry and naturally derived ingredients

      Hairsprays, gels, and waxes help us attain our favorite hairstyles, but they can also damage our hair and scalp. Many products out there contain harmful chemicals that don’t do your hair or scalp any favors. However, it is possible to find products that help you achieve your favorite look, while also benefiting your hair. Try a styling gel that is lightweight with naturally derived nutrients and your scalp will reap the benefits.

      Massage your scalp to promote growth and hydration
      Massaging your scalp increases blood circulation to the area and distributes your scalp’s natural oils. This keeps your roots moisturized and encourages hair growth, helping you maintain a beautiful head of hair. In addition to regular scalp massages, thoroughly massage your scalp as you shampoo your hair. Follow up with a hydrating crème to lock moisture into the hair shaft and contribute to overall hair health; luster, density, and elasticity.

      Maintain your scalp’s pH level
      A list of healthy scalp tips wouldn’t be complete without discussing your scalp’s pH. A healthy pH helps your scalp balance bacteria fungal levels. Try a combination of Balancing and Restorative shampoos. Shampoos like these nourish your scalp and create the ideal conditions for achieving and maintaining beautiful hair.

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