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    • Yvette


      What Yvette Has To Say About The Harklinkken Treatment… I’ve been in treatment now for about nine months. About three years ago, I noticed my hair was falling, it was falling by the ton. I got a little worried, I started n...
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    • Tina


      A breast cancer survivor, Tina had lost her hair during chemotherapy and was discouraged by the limited hair regrowth even a year and a half after treatment. Before Tina Found Harklinikken I spent a lot of money on various...
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    • Shaima


      What Shaima Has To Say About The Harklinkken Treatment… I think once I started doing the treatment I started to become aware of what the signs of thinning look like. Then I started to notice so many people [with thinning h...
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    • Linda


      What Linda Has To Say About The Harklinkken Treatment… I started with Harklinikken about seven months ago, after I had exhausted all my resources for any type of hope for returning my hair. Over the last seven years, I wen...
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    • Kim


      Before Kim Found Harklinikken I came to Harklinikken because I was having problems with my hair thinning…It had been falling out in clumps. I had been losing a lot of hair. I had tried biotin, vitamins…shampoos and conditi...
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    • Judi


      Before Judi Found Harklinikken In my late 20s I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. The reason I was diagnosed was because I was losing my hair. I was in the public a lot doing presentations in sales and marketing, and it ...
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    • Jan


      What Jan Has To Say About The Harklinkken Treatment… I’ve gotten tremendous results over the past four years with Harklinikken. I’m excited to have my hair back.
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    • Helle


      Helle, a Danish woman in her 50s, waited 5 years after finishing chemotherapy for her hair to regrow. Like many cancer survivors, it was important to her that she looked as well as she felt. While most women will regrow th...
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